‘I spent my free time in my family’s cheese making business, and countless hours falling in love with the flavours and smells from my grandma’s kitchen

– Executive Chef Adam Swanson

Adam Swanson has been the LOT.1 Sydney Executive Chef since 2015. Teaming up with his childhood friend, Head Chef Ricardo Cavuoto, the duo have created a menu of traditional Italian dishes using, local seasonal ingredients with a refined modern twist.

Adam Swanson is an award winning Chef and Restaurateur from Adelaide to Sydney. His menu showcases techniques he learnt cooking alongside the best chefs of northern and southern Italy. Extending his passion for food, Adam has been a regular chef on TEN’s Ready Steady Cook, Everyday Gourmet, Good Chef, Bad Chef and Seven’s Out of the Blue and is the ambassador for San Remo.

His television series, Adam’s Pasta Pilgrimage, explores the history of Italian pasta, the best recipes and shows you how to recreate his experiences abroad in your home.

People who know Adam describe him as an ‘old soul’. His inspiration comes from the much loved traditional home style cooking which was a major part of his upbringing.